2019 Event

This the second year for our group to tackle the ice road north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  We will be traveling to Fort Chipewyan, Alberta and continue through Wood Buffalo National Park crossing north of the 60th Parallel into Fort Smith, North West Territories.  Total distance traveled will be approximately 1000 km of winter ice road with a mix of gravel and even a few kilometers of pavement.  This year our riders has grown from 3 bikes to 10 for the trip.  With 4 support vehicles to carry supplies, fuel, and all the emergency gear  it will take a load off the bikes from typical adventure bike riding.

Last year we focused on raising awareness for a fellow firefighter who was injured in a motorcycle accident. He was seeking stem cell treatment for damaged spinal cord sustained from his injury.

As several of us are first responders in the region it seemed fitting to keep going along the same path.  Choosing the local crisis center, Waypoints Fort McMurray and non-local, The Sheepdog Lodge. There are great resources out there for those in need yet most do not know where to turn.

Hopefully the ride helps show that doing even a little can open up the doors to better things. We encourage everyone to open up and talk with each other about anything as also there seems to be a yearning for the lost art of conversation


Being limited on time and accomdations we have held it to 10 motorcycles with 4 support vehicles.  Wednesday, January 9th the group will get together for the rider/driver meeting to discuss logistics, teams and get prepared for the RIDE OF THEIR LIFE.

Starting Point

Ride North Moto 2019 will be based out of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  The bikes will be trailered to the staging area on the south end of the Winter Road.

Day 1

Thursday, January 10th

Leaving Fort McMurray, AB bright and early. Get the hot coffee in us quickly before heading 160km on the ice to spend the night in Fort Chipewyan, AB along the shores of Lake Athabasca. A few crazies in the support rigs might actually winter camp where temperatures have a seasonal average of -25 Celcius.

The rest of us will be staying at the Dene-Cree Inn.


Day 2

Friday, January 11th

Refuelling in town and timely start should march us north into Wood Buffalo National Park along our 250km leg into Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. When you ask around a few have been north of the 60th Parallel, but then ask again how many have ridden a motorcycle in January that far up. We will all get some good rest at The Pelican Rapids Inn before taking on the whole enchilada.


Day 3

Saturday, January 12th

Early bird gets the worm, if they were not frozen, but early start for the crew to cannonball from Fort Smith, Northwest Territories back to Fort McMurray, Alberta. Oh ya not to mention we will only have about 7 hours of daylight at this time of year. Fingers crossed and let those studs chew some ice!